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Behavioral Health Rehabilitation Services:
(BHRS/Wrap Around) provides therapeutic interventions for children at risk and their families in the domains where they are struggling. Services can be provided in home, school or community settings.  Families participate in the process of determining their eligibility and development of goals that will move their child and family from the point of being at risk to being able to successfully participate in their age appropriate day to day activities.  This program focuses on an individual child within the context of their home, school and community. They program draws on community resources to provide the child and family with natural ongoing support systems within their community and home.

Children must be eligible for Medical Assistance to qualify for this program.  Upon contacting CFSS, Intake coordinator will assist with families in the process of either determining whether they qualify or offering guidance in how to begin this process of obtaining Medical Assistance. 

What to Expect from Typical Wrap Around:
Initially upon contacting CFSS, you will first be asked to complete a one page referral over the phone. The next step will be to set up a date and time to attend an Intake Assessment. At the Intake Assessment, more in depth information will be gathered and upon completion of the intake you will be scheduled for a Psychological Best Practice Evaluation. This evaluation will occur within one week of your initial contact with CFSS. 

The purpose of the evaluation is to determine “medical necessity” for the Program.  Upon completion of the evaluation, an Interagency Meeting will be held at your home or place where the services will be provided (i.e. School, daycare, afterschool program etc.).  All team members will be invited to participate in this meeting with your family and CFSS Staff this includes: the insurance company, any other services providers (i.e. SAM, CYS, JPO etc).

From the evaluator/prescriber the team is given recommendations for levels of care that are deemed necessary for your child and family. They include the following:

Behavioral Support Consultant:
This person has the minimum of a Master’s Degree and provides consultative services to the Team working with your child and family. They can develop Behavior Plans, treatment plans, consult with your child’s school to develop appropriate interventions, assist in accessing services needed to facilitate growth and lead to the attainment of your child’s treatment plan goals.   

Mobile Therapist:
A Mobile Therapist holds a Master’s Degree and is qualified to provide both individual and family therapy to your child and your family. They typically will provide both within the week. They also can provide consultative services as listed above as well in some situations.

Therapeutic Support Staff:
If team feels that Individual and Family therapy alone will not be enough to support your family in change, a TSS may be prescribed.  This person holds a Bachelor’s degree and his/her role is to help transfer positive behavior management skills to both your child and to you as a family. They also may provide support within the school or community if your child is struggling behaviorally in these domains.

Once your meeting has been held, all the gathered information is then reviewed by the Insurance Company for final approval of what services are being requested.  Once CFSS received Authorization to provide the services you will be contacted by CFSS staff to commence services immediately.

You can expect to have all services prescribed in place within 30 days. 

BHRS Wrap Around- Brief treatment Program:
CFSS participates in a pilot program within the typical Wrap Around Program. This program enables services to be in place within 7 days of a family contacting CFSS and requesting services. Upon contacting CFSS you will be asked to complete a short referral questionnaire and at that time an assessment/interagency meeting will be scheduled with your child, family and CFSS staff. This meeting can be held in your home, or at the CFSS office.  You can expect the same array of services as above, except for the TSS staff.  This program is 32 weeks long and upon discharge after the 32 weeks, you have access to booster sessions of 2 weeks, if they are needed.  Additionally, if at any time this level of service is not meeting your child’s or family’s needs your Team Leader may recommend referral to Typical Wrap or another level of service.