"A Behavioral Health Services Company"

Our Treatment Approach:

We work collaboratively with consumers to help them overcome emotional and psychological issues causing unhappiness in their lives. Difficulties such as depression, anxiety, relationship problems, substance abuse issues, ADHD, PTSD, Bipolar and psychiatric disorders as well as autistic spectrum disorders.

Treatment Process and Goals of Treatment:

At CFSS, Inc we offer diagnostic assessment, medication management, In home or community mental health services, residential and Outpatient Clinic mental health services.

We use an integration of techniques drawing from cognitive behavioral and psychodynamic theories to create a treatment plan tailored to meet the needs and goals of each consumer.

We emphasize creating environments that support and promote optimal mental health and on developing skills and relationships that enhance resilience and recovery. We work collaboratively across all settings that have an impact on the consumer to promote positive mental health. We help the consumer enhance and build on his or her strengths in order to reduce problems and create resilience. We enhance problem solving strategies and emphasize prevention through the use of evidence based, developmentally focused and trauma sensitive interventions.

Other Common Therapy Issues:

Abuse / Survivors of Abuse

Bipolar Disorders
Child and Adolescednt Issues
Childhood sexual Abuse
Family Problems ( Blended Families)
Gambling Addiction
Grief, and Loss
Intellectual Disability
Internet Addiction
Obsessive / Compulsive Disorders