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What to Expect at CFSS

Our treatment approach emphasizes a careful evaluation, close monitoring and psychotherapy (counseling) with medications prescribed if warranted.

At CFSS, Inc. we feel that it is important for clinicians and consumers alike to be aware of the risks and the benefits of all treatment. We understand that most problems are multidimensional and require interventions at a number of levels.

At CFSS, Inc. we believe in providing ethically appropriate and competent mental health treatment with an emphasis on multilingual and cultural competence. We believe that every consumer and family brings with it unique characteristics and response to treatment. We see the care of our consumers and families as an ongoing learning experience that requires work and dedication by all. There is a saying “dicho” in Spanish that best captures our beliefs and it goes: “Traboja para valorizarme mas, estudiar para aprender mas" (Work to be worth more, study to know more”).

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